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Radhanath Jibani (DC Ray, 1941) 36mb

P M Academy Centenary Souvenir (1977) 8mb

Sahitya Sopana, 1918 – Magazine of PMAcademy first published in 1918. 5mb

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Asking the Earth
Letter To A Teacher
Lives of Children
Pedagogy of the Oppressed (P Freire, 1970)
Science in History (Bernal) v.1
Science in History (Bernal) v.2
Science in History (Bernal) v.3
Science in History (Bernal) v.4
Teaching as a Subversive Activity
From Western Science to Liberation Technology (W Pereira, 1993)
Wretched of the Earth (Frantz Fanon, 1963)Many more books of different kinds can be found, either for purchase or free download, at the following websites: