The first odia printed book, New Testanment, came out in 1807 from the Serampore Press in the neighbouring Bengal. Interestingly it was followed in 1811 by a ‘Word Book’ titled ‘A Vocabulary: Ooriya And English For The Use Of Students’. With the establishment of English schools need for text books arose and these were also printed at Serampore.

Thus most of the Odia books printed before 1850 were reliogious books, text books on grammar and general topics and dictionaries. Author of most of these books were European Missionaries who had learned the language with help from their Odia assistants. Most notable of these was a dictionary in 3 volumes by published during 1841-43. The text book on physical science – ‘Padarthabidya Sara’ – by Amos Sutton published in 1832 was the first science book printed in Odia.

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