Odia Dictionary
Presented here is a dictionary with about 84,500 commonly used words. It contains about 54,500 Odia and 30,000 English root words along with their meanings.

Two additional collections of words have also been added which are ‘administrative words’ and ‘science glossary’. The search results will show the meanings in any/all of the dictionaries where the search term exists.

The entries presented here have been collected, and modified where needed, from various sources like the Purnachandra Odia Bhashakosha and other dictionaries/articles. Administrative words are sourced mostly from the ‘Administrative Glossary, published by the Government of Odisha and the science terms from Bigyan Prachar Samiti’s glossary edited by Gokulananda Mahapatra. We are grateful to them.

The dictionary can be searched by typing any word in the ‘search’ field on the right. Typing can be done on the computer keyboard or the onscreen keyboard provided here. The keyboard can be opened by clicking on the ‘କିବୋର୍ଡ/Keyboard’ button and input can be switched between Odia/English by clicking on the language button. One needs to have an Unicode Odia font installed on the system for this. Computers with windows 7 or higher usually have Kalinga font installed. Otherwise such fonts can be downloaded free and used – please see the ‘resources’ section for details.

For typing in Odia:

1. click on the desired alphabet pressing the shift key if required,
2. Click on the matra after the alphabet as needed,
3. To type conjunct and compound characters, use halant between two consonants, e.g., ଙ ୍ କ = ଙ୍କ, ଷ ୍ ପ = ଷ୍ପ.

After typing with the onscreen-keyboard, press down arrow (↓) key on computer keyboard to get word transfered to the dictionary search field.