Welcome to this treasure trove of many things Odia and Odisha.

At present it is primarily a digital library of Odia literature featuring mainly printed periodicals and books in Odia language. It also presents some material about Odisha and Odia in other languages as well as translations of Odia writings. The material presented on this website are being offered free for browsing and download with the aim of enhancing the dwindling interest in the language.

The material presented here have been generated primarily by Srujanika. This work was started in 2004 under a special effort called Project Rebati which aimed to 1. develop and strengthen Odia language computing resources, and 2. to preserve printed material relating to Odisha and Odia language through digitization and to make these easily available. The first output from the digitization work was the digital version of the Purnachandra Odia Bhasakosha (2006). This was followed by other digital compilations like the Collection of Odia Dictionaries, 1811-1942 (2008), Odia Periodicals, 1856-1950 (2012) and the collected works of many individual writers.

So far these have been made available on physical media like CD/DVD/flash drive primarily for the use of researchers and individuals. But this method had its limitations which this website intends to overcome and make everything available around the world. The website also contains some material collected from other sources and reprocessed by the Srujanika team into a more presentable form, the original sorces being duly acknowledged

This website welcomes all to contribute any material, ideas and resources to extend the contents and to enhance quality. Individuals and, more particularly Institutions, interested in taking up digitization and related works like compilation of bibliography are invited to join hands with us and carry the work forward.

There are some books whose copyright period has not expired and we have not been able to contact the owners or their families for appropriate release. Copyright issues for magazines are not very clear. Still these are valuable and are difficult to find. Hence we have placed them here for public use in good faith in the interest of Odia language. However, if someone feels that we are encroaching upon his/her rights we will remove the offending material if approached with proof of copyright.

This site is best viewed on a desktop computer or large laptop. Tablets will also work adequately, but smaller handheld devices would not do justice to the contents.