Diganta, launched from Cuttack in 1959, was a magazine of special character focusing on Odia literature, culture and society. It began its life as a two-monthly magazine but became a monthly/quarterly later. There is an indication that it started publishing in 1950 but folded up to be revived in 1959. It was managed/edited by Manoj Das-Rahas Ray from 1959; by Rahas Ray-Bhagaban Nayakbarma from 1963 June-July; by Rafiuddin from October 1964 and by Sacchi Rautray from 1966, vol.8, 3-4 issue.

After Manoj Das’s departure for Pondicherry, Sachhi Rautray – a leading light of Odia literature – has taken over editing the magazine and turned it into one representing ‘new consciousness’. That Diganta strives to give Odia literature a new dimension with respect to its spirit, language and presentation is clear from the editorial of 1961 February. It states, “Diganta does not aim to glorify the drawing rooms of a particular class by maintaining a false gravity. Diganta has a nobility of birth – it does not try to garner so called popularity by encouraging vulgarity nor does it lend itself to be the publicity organ of any particular grouping. xxx It will be a sad commentary on the young literatures were Diganta to cease publication.”

Editorials of Diganta have discussed many important issues. Some these are – ‘Use of words’, ‘Art for the society or art for art’s sake’, ‘Has literature lost its importance in a humour-loving society?’, ‘Who to call a critic’, ‘The clash of the new and old’, ‘Art for life’, ‘Reform of the alphabet’, ‘Literary scene in Odisha.’ Many of these were controversial topics.

Diganta also carried the regular contributions like story, poetry, essay, humour, criticism, book review. But it had a special role in discussing older literature in the light of modern literary outlook. It has featured writings on art and sculpture, philosophy, archae-literature and world literature under the editorship of Sacchi Rautray. It also reproduced paintings and images of sculptures during this time.

On the whole Diganta can be viewed as the reflection of the thoughts of Odisha’s two revolutionary creators – Manoj Das and Sacchi Rautray.

(Based on: Sambad Sahitya Kosha article)

The copies of Diganta have been obtained from: www.worldofmanojdas.in website (v.1-4) and from Sriharsha Rautray.


Diganta Index

The table below gives the links for downloading the digital versions of Manas issues. The pdf files can be opened/saved by clicking on the ‘Download’ link.

ଭାଗ/ବର୍ଷ Vol./Year ଭାଗ/ବର୍ଷ Vol./Year ଭାଗ/ବର୍ଷ Vol./Year
ଭାଗ୦୧ (୧୯୫୯)
v.01 (1959)
ଭାଗ୦୨ (୧୯୬୦)
v.02 (1960)
ଭାଗ୦୩ (୧୯୬୧)
v.03 (1961)
ଭାଗ୦୪ (୧୯୬୨)
v.04 (1962)
ଭାଗ୦୫ (୧୯୬୩)
v.05 (1963)
ଭାଗ୦୬ (୧୯୬୪)
v.06 (1964)
ଭାଗ୦୭ (୧୯୬୫)
v.07 (1965)
ଭାଗ୦୮ (୧୯୬୬)
v.08 (1965)
ଭାଗ୦୯ (୧୯୬୭)
v.09 (1966)
ଗଳ୍ପ ସଂକଳନ
Galpa Sankalana
କବିତା ସଂକଳନ
Kabita Sankalana