Ganita Bichtra

Mathematics plays a very important role in human life. Whether it is our daily calculations or the complicated computations for understanding the mistery of the Universe, mathematics lies behind all. Hence it has found an important place in education right from the primary stages. But it has always generated some fear in the minds of the learners, whether because of its gravity or of some other reason.

Sensitive mathematicians have been making attempts to overcome this unreasoned fear. The publication of ‘Ganita Bichitra’ magazine is one such attempt. The magazine is the brainchild of ‘Odisha Ganita Sansad’which was formed in 1972 to address all issues relating to mathematics in Odisha. Ganita Bichitra was launched in 1984 as a quarterly magazine. This was also an important and novel contribution to Odia literature.

The editorial of the first issue of Ganita Bichitra stated, “… Just as one needs to practice for winning a race, study and committment is required to understand mathematics. … One can only read to appreciate literature, but mathematics needs to be practised along with reading. … It is our hope and belief that it will benefit our nation greatly if we can practise and apply mathematical concepts in technological fields successfully. Our contribution in the way of ‘Ganita Bichitra’ can be an important step in this as that of the squirrel in building the Setu Bandha.”

Mathematicians from all levels in Odisha have been involved with Ganita Bichitra from its inception and have taken it forward with their writings and guidance. Still, it has slowed down by 1999. Fortunately, it has come through this with a new direction and has continued oublication as ‘Abhinaba Ganita Bichitra
Santosh Kumar Kar of Narla and Prof. Gokulananda Das, Bhubaneswar, have contributed many issues of Ganita Bichitra presented here.

Ganita Bichitra Index

The table below gives the links for downloading the digital versions of Ganita Bichitra from its start to 1999. The pdf files can be opened/saved by clicking on the ‘Download’ link. It may take sometime for the download to complete depending on the internet connection speed.

ବର୍ଷ/ସଂଖ୍ୟା Year/Volume ବର୍ଷ/ସଂଖ୍ୟା Year/Volume ବର୍ଷ/ସଂଖ୍ୟା Year/Volume ବର୍ଷ/ସଂଖ୍ୟା Year/Volume
ଭାଗ ୧ (୧୯୮୪-୮୫)
v.01 (1984-85)
ଭାଗ ୨ (୧୯୮୬)
v.02 (1986)
ଭାଗ ୩ (୧୯୮୭)
v.03 (1987)
ଭାଗ ୪ (୧୯୮୮)
v.04 (1988)
ଭାଗ ୫ (୧୯୮୯)
v.05 (1989)
ଭାଗ ୬ (୧୯୯୦)
v.06 (1990)
ଭାଗ ୭ (୧୯୯୧)
v.07 (1991)
ଭାଗ ୮ (୧୯୯୨)
v.08 (1992)
ଭାଗ ୯ (୧୯୯୩)
v.09 (1993)
ଭାଗ ୧୦ (୧୯୯୪)
v.10 (1994)
ଭାଗ ୧୧ (୧୯୯୫)
v.11 (1995)
ଭାଗ ୧୨ (୧୯୯୬)
v.12 (1996)
ଭାଗ ୧୩ (୧୯୯୭)
v.13 (1997)
ଭାଗ ୧୪ (୧୯୯୮)
v.14 (1998)
ଭାଗ ୧୫ (୧୯୯୯)
v.15 (1999)
Abhinaba (2000-2001)