Magazines-4 (1901-1950):          Samabaya,      Mayurbhanja Chronicle,     Mayurbhanja Gejet,      Bhanjapradeepa
    Jahnamamu,           Upahar,          Rasachakra



Of the Odia magazines born in early twentieth century most had folded up by 1930 leaving only Mukur and Sahakar and Utkal Sahitya of the earlier era in the field. As before newer publications came out to fill their place and carry on their literary tradition. Digital copies of these magazines, whatever now available, are listed in the righthand side panel and can be accessed from the respective tables.

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Samabaya launched in 1924 was edited by Balakrushna Rath. It served as a newsletter of cooperative movement. It featured news and discussions on the cooperative societies and the laws relating to it. It also carried information on marketing and financing for the co-operative sector. Its writer were generally members of cooperative societies. Leaders like Anantaram Pattnaik, Harihar Panda, Radhagobinda Das, Gangadhar Panda, E. Joseph were the main writers of the magazine.

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Vol. 1 (1931-32) Vol. 2 (1932-33) Vol. 3 (1933-34)

Mayurbhanj Chronicle
This English lanuage publication came out of Mayurabhanja State in 1931. Its emphasis was on the Mayurbhanja State affairs including current news, historical and social highlights. News from other princely states was also caried on its pages as were short prose and poetry.

Sample Vol. 13 nos. 1-2 (1943-44)

Mayurbhanj Gejet
Launched ed from Baripada in 1931 the first issue featured article on Baripada’s car festival, photos of royals and a sketch of Chandrasekhar temple. Main contributors were, among others, Kalindicharan Panigrahi, Mayadhar Mansingh, Padmacharan Patnaik, Laxmikant Mohapatra. Tha name of the magazine was changedto Bhanjapradeepa from the 1st issue of the 4th year. It was basically a gazette of the Mayurbhanja State, still its contribution to odia literature is significant.

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Vol. 1 (1931-32) Vol. 2 (1932-33) Vol. 3 (1933-34)

It was published from Baripada in 1933. Earlier it was named as Mayurbhanj Gejet and took the new name from its fourth volume. Its writings were very influencial. Along with writings on Mayurbhanj, poem, short stories, discussion, local news, information, book review, Myurbhanj news, weather and crop news, health etc. It’s contributors were Sashibhusan Ray, Kalindi Charan Panigrahi, Padmacharan Patnaik, Nityananda Mohapatra etc.

Sample Index – Chronological Index – Authorwise
Vol. 4 (1934-35) Vol. 5 (1935-36) Vol. 6 (1936-37)
Vol. 7 (1937-38) Vol. 8 (1938-39) Vol. 9 (1939-40)
Vol. 10 (1940-41) Vol. 11 (1941-42) Vol. 14 (1944-45)
Vol. 15-16 (1946-47)

Like Panchamruta, Jahnamamu is also a childrens’ magazine. It was published in 1932 and Balakrushna Kar was the editor. It had sections like poems, short stories, essays, science, puzzles etc. Achyutananda Mishra, Upendra Tripathy, Bhagaban Pati, Krushnachandra Kar, Kunjabihari Dash, Jalandhar Deb, Gopalchandra Patnaik, Radhacharan Panda, Jogesh Mitra etc. were its main contributors. It remained in publications for 10 years.

Sample Index – Chronological Index – Authorwise
Vol. 1 (1932-33) Vol. 2 (1933-34) Vol. 3 (1934-35)
Vol. 4 (1935-36) Vol. 9 (1940-41) Vol. 6 (1941-42)


This quarterly magazine was published on behalf of the Bamanda Primary and Secondary Teachers Association in 1934. Issues were named after the seasonal festivals as Bijaya, Bakula, Asoka, Gundicha etc. Sadhucharan Jagadeb was its editor. Other main contributors were Satyabadi Hota, Ramachandra Misra, Madhusudan Misra, Brajamohan Pani, Padmabati Nayak, Anant Charan Mohanty, Jalandhar Deb. The articles were distributed in sections like education and discussion, literature, history, science, commedy etc.

Sample Index – Chronological Index – Authorwise
Vol. 1 (1934-35) Vol. 2 (1935-36) Vol. 3 (1936-37)
Vol. 4 (1937-38) Vol. 5 (1938-39) Vol. 6 (1939-40)
Vol. 7 (1940-41) Vol. 8 (1941-42) Vol. 9 (1942-43)

This monthly magazine was published from Cuttack in 1933. Editors were Pratap Sen and Narayan Sathia. Poems, short stories, titbits were its main sections. Contributors included Gopalchandra Praharaj, Nityananda Mahapatra, Chintamani Mohanty, Pratap Sen, Narayan Sathia.

Sample Index – Chronological Index – Authorwise
Vol. 1 (1933) no. 10 Vol. 2 (1934) nos. 1 – 6 Vo. 2 (1934) nos. 7 – 12