Published in 1906, edited by Brajasundar Das. It was a literary magazine having articles on religion, culture, science, social reform and language etc. It also had stories, novels and poems. There was an undertone of patriotic feelings in its writings. Among the major contributors to the magazine were Gopabandhu Das, Sribatsa Panda, Mrutyunjaya Rath, Nilakantha Das. It also published novels by Kuntala Kumari and Dayanidhi Mishra.

Mukur Index

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Vol. 1 (1906-07) Vol. 2 (1907-08) Vol. 3 (1908-09)
Vol. 4 (1909-10) Vol. 5 (1910-11) Vol. 6 (1911-12)
Vol. 7 (1912-13) Vol. 8 (1913-14) Vol. 9 (1914-15)
Vol. 10 (1915-16) Vol. 11 (1916-17) Vol. 12 (1917-18)
Vol. 13 (1918-19) Vol. 14 (1919-20) Vol. 15 (1920-21)
Vol. 17 (1922-23) Vol. 18 (1923-24) Vol. 19 (1924-25)
Vol. 20 (1925-26) Vol. 22 (1927-28) Vol. 23 (1828-29)