After independence, Paurusha is one of the best Odia magazine in the literary world of Odisha. The first edition of Paurusha was published in July, 1969 from Cuttack. The founder editor of this magazine was Sri Janaki Ballava Pattanaik, who was an eminent figure both in Odia literature and in politics.

Every human being has some inner qualities. These qualities must be expressed and it should be the universal responsibility of every society and every country. So this magazine was named as Paurusha.

This magazine was a monthly one but in 1982-83 (Vol. 16), some combined issues were published. Sri Janaki Ballava Pattanaik was the editor for first six years and after that his wife Mrs. Jayanti Pattanaik took this responsibility till the end of the tenth volume. Again Janaki Babu became the editor from vol. 11 to 13. Then from July 1980, means from 14th vol. onwards Mrs. Jayanti Pattanaik once again took the charge of the editorship. Vol. 18 (1984-85) onwards Mrs. Sudatta pattnaik became the managing editor of the magazine.

Paurusha is a full fledged magazine covering almost all topics like language, literature, culture, art, sports etc. The Odia translation of the famous book ‘Krishnabatara’ which is written by K. M. Munsi was an attraction for this magazine. It was published here as a serial. Besides this many other serials Batrisa Simhasana, Mahabharata kahani, Sikar O Sikari added flavour to this magazine. In total this magazine was catering to every member of a family.

Some important serials of Paurusha
ମହାଭାରତ କାହାଣୀ
ଶିକାର ଓ ଶିକାରୀ
ବେତାଳ ପଞ୍ଚବିଂଶତି

















Paurusha Index

The table below lists the issues of 25 years of Paurusha in digital form and also provides links for downloading these. Each volume has been split into 3 parts to keep the file size small, but it may still take some time depending on the internet connection. Sample pages have been provided for previewing the contets/quality before downloading the larger files. These will open in new browser tabs when click on. Clicking on the volume files will initiate download process.

Indexes of the available issues have been presented in which articles have been arranged both chronologically and authorwise. This will help in searching for particular articles. Please note that there could be some gaps as a few issues have not been found.

ନମୁନା ଖଣ୍ଡ ୧ ନମୁନା ଖଣ୍ଡ ୨ ନମୁନା ଖଣ୍ଡ ୩ ନମୁନା ଖଣ୍ଡ ୪
ରଚନା ସୂଚୀ – ପ୍ରକାଶନ କ୍ରମ ରଚନା ସୂଚୀ – ଲେଖକ କ୍ରମ
ଭାଗ (ବର୍ଷ) ଅଂଶ (ସଂଖ୍ୟା) ଅଂଶ (ସଂଖ୍ୟା) ଅଂଶ (ସଂଖ୍ୟା)
ଭାଗ ପ୍ରଥମ (୧୯୬୭-୬୮) ଭାଗ ୧(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧(୯-୧୨)
ଭାଗ ଦ୍ୱିତୀୟ (୧୯୬୮-୬୯) ଭାଗ ୨(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୨(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୨(୯-୧୨)
ଭାଗ ତୃତୀୟ (୧୯୬୯-୭୦) ଭାଗ ୩(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୩(୬-୮) ଭାଗ ୩(୯-୧୨)
ଭାଗ ଚତୁର୍ଥ
ଭାଗ ୪(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୪(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୪(୯-୧୨)
ପଞ୍ଚମ ଭାଗ (୧୯୭୧-୭୨) ଭାଗ ୫(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୫(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୫(୯-୧୨)
ଷଷ୍ଠ ଭାଗ
ଭାଗ ୬(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୬(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୬(୯-୧୨)
ସପ୍ତମ ଭାଗ (୧୯୭୩-୭୪) ଭାଗ ୭(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୭(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୭(୯-୧୨)
ଅଷ୍ଟମ ଭାଗ (୧୯୭୪-୭୫) ଭାଗ ୮(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୮(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୮(୯-୧୨)
ନବମ ଭାଗ
ଭାଗ ୯(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୯(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୯(୯-୧୨)
ଦଶମ ଭାଗ (୧୯୭୬-୭୭) ଭାଗ ୧୦(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧୦(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧୦(୯-୧୨)
ଏକାଦଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୭୭-୭୮) ଭାଗ ୧୧(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧୧(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧୧(୯-୧୨)
ଦ୍ୱାଦଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୭୮-୭୯) ଭାଗ ୧୨(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧୨(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧୨(୯-୧୨)
ତ୍ରୟୋଦଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୭୯-୮୦) ଭାଗ ୧୩(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧୩(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧୩(୯-୧୨)
ଚତୁର୍ଦ୍ଦଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୮୦-୮୧) ଭାଗ ୧୪(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧୪(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧୪(୯-୧୨)
ପଞ୍ଚଦଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୮୧-୮୨) ଭାଗ ୧୫(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧୫(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧୫(୯-୧୨)
ଷୋଡ଼ଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୮୨-୮୩) ଭାଗ ୧୬(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧୬(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧୬(୯-୧୨)
ସପ୍ତଦଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୮୩-୮୪) ଭାଗ ୧୭(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧୭(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧୭(୯-୧୨)
ଅଷ୍ଟାଦଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୮୪-୮୫) ଭାଗ ୧୮(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧୮(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧୮(୯, ୧୧-୧୨)
ଊନବିଂଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୮୫-୮୬) ଭାଗ ୧୯(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୧୯(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୧୯(୯-୧୨)
ବିଂଶ ଭାଗ
ଭାଗ ୨୦(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୨୦(୫-୯) ଭାଗ ୨୦(୧୦-୧୨)
ଏକବିଂଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୮୭-୮୮) ଭାଗ ୨୧(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୨୧(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୨୧(୯-୧୨)
ଦ୍ୱାବିଂଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୮୮-୮୯) ଭାଗ ୨୨(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୨୨(୫-୭) ଭାଗ ୨୨(୮-୧୨)
ତ୍ରୟୋବିଂଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୮୯-୯୦) ଭାଗ ୨୩(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୨୩(୫-୮) ଭାଗ ୨୩(୯-୧୧)
ଚତୁଃବିଂଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୯୦-୯୧) ଭାଗ ୨୪(୧-୫) ଭାଗ ୨୪(୬-୯) ଭାଗ ୨୪(୧୦-୧୨)
ପଞ୍ଚବିଂଶ ଭାଗ (୧୯୯୧-୯୨) ଭାଗ ୨୫(୧-୪) ଭାଗ ୨୫(୫-୭) ଭାଗ ୨୫(୯-୧୨)